Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daniel, Chapter 6 – Daniel’s Courage Against Political Correctness

Many of us heard the cutsie version of Daniel in the Lions’ Den as children, but now we’ve relegated it to a quaint story in antiquity and probably not even true. We were not told WHY he landed in the den and what happened with the King of Medo-Persia as a result.

This story will have its full impact on us NOW when we look at the impending force of Sharia law if we don’t take a courageous stand as Daniel did. Sharia law has already made inroads into our financial laws, and it’s creeping into many areas of American life without most of us even noticing.

So…what happened with Daniel?

Remember King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon? He was feared throughout the known world for his cruelty and murderous whims. Daniel was a Jewish captive in Babylon and became the most influential person in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court. Through his consistent loyalty to his God of Israel, and courageously standing up to the king with uncompromising integrity, Daniel drew King Nebuchadnezzar’s respect and trust. He became the king’s confidante and protector, especially during the seven years when the king was banished by God to live in the woods like an animal until he came to his senses and acknowledged who God really was. (See my blog post for Chapter 4 for all the details.)

Daniel was a prime target for death in Babylon, and now he’s back in that position under King Darius of Medo-Persia after they overthrew Babylon. He is again in high office as the Prime Minister. However, the officials under him are jealous – after all, he is Jewish, not Medo-Persian. So they set him up to fail by getting the king to sign an irrevocable law against praying to any other God. So Daniel, true to his style, continues to pray to God openly, ready to take the consequences of being thrown to the lions rather than protecting himself by praying in secret. Aha, now they’ve got him! – Or so they think.

King Darius is so distressed when they report Daniel’s disobedience that he does everything he can to save Daniel, but he can’t because of Medo-Persian law. However, he does believe that Daniel’s God will deliver him – and says that to Daniel as his executioners throw him into the den. The king spends a sleepless night and runs out early in the morning to find Daniel, who tells him that God sent an angel to stop the lions’ mouths.

How many of us have had experiences where we just knew that God sent angels to help or protect us? I’ve had several.

Like Nebuchadnezzar, Darius became a true believer in the God of Israel and proclaimed the worship of only Him throughout his kingdom. – All because Daniel was willing to sacrifice his life rather than play the safe PC game. Are we willing to do the same – not only now, in the Babylonian culture in which we live, but also when the resultant and imminent assault of Sharia law is thrust upon us?

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